You Did Nothing to Deserve to Be an American – A Poem

Our soul.
  Our spirit.
      Our consciousness.
The brain in which it manifests.
Our body’s ability.
                      It’s color.
                          It’s language.
Announces a victor without a test.

The champion of a game of chance.
Taking claim over it’s bounty
             time again.
You, yourself, yes you, my friend,
did ( nothing ) to deserve to be an American.

Winning the socioeconomic
genetic lottery looks like this:
But those who buy – a single ticket –
have more claim over
than you, yes you, my friend,
have over being born an American.

As winner of this lottery,
were your ancestors
                                          and enslaved?
Likely not, as this game
does not reward it’s players
with reparations for their pain.

Odds are your people
were refugees themselves.
They stole land with the
          and – screams –
of those who
                      r o a m e d.
We’re lucky all immigrants
aren’t like us and
only want a
       place to
            ( safely )

An undeserved entitlement
killing the natural progression of a nation.
We’re drawing a line,
                    • detention,
                    • internment,
                    • & concentration.

The American Dream is in the dark
with no light shining onto it’s door.
The masses
we’ve huddled
              into cages.
              And Poor.

We would have no country at all
if not for undocumented immigration.
You, yourself, yes you, my friend,
did ( nothing ) to deserve to be an American.

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