Making It

At dinner tonight, I asked my kids what I should write my article about. “Pandas,” declared the five-year old, with flat certainty. “Or, if you don’t know enough about pandas,” my nine-year old began, “You could write about how hard it is to be a mama going to work every day and taking care of … Continue reading Making It

For Mothers Who Grieve

Griefs tendrils have coiled around my body with no regard for my life, goals or daily schedule. Despite the bright eyes of my child bearing witness to my demise, who I know I love most of anyone dead or alive, I recently was forced to very publicly attempt to be (and fail constantly at being) … Continue reading For Mothers Who Grieve

Dear Scarlet: A Review

Dear Scarlet is Teresa Wong’s first book: an intimate graphic memoir on postpartum depression. Raw but reassuring, the book is framed as a letter to her daughter, Scarlet. Wong says that when she thought about writing the book, her memories all came back to her as images. She’d spent most of those early months in … Continue reading Dear Scarlet: A Review

Poverty: A Tale of Grief and Coping

I struggled with authority figures my entire life. It wasn’t uncommon that I came out of my mouth to anyone. I did what I wanted, I didn’t do what I didn’t want to do, and I followed my life path with reckless abandon. My big head—full of the gift you’re given as a teenager, all … Continue reading Poverty: A Tale of Grief and Coping

All is Fair in Love and Trauma Bonds

Content warning: sexual abuse, physical abuse, self harm, violence I became familiar with the concept of trauma bonds at the age of 8 years old, and they became a reoccurring theme in my life by 20. In my childhood, there was a man in my life who had access to me in the mornings. He … Continue reading All is Fair in Love and Trauma Bonds

Childhood Mental Illness – How to See the Signs

1-in-5 Children in the US are said to have a diagnosable mental illness. More than Half go untreated. When I look back at my childhood, the signs were clearly and overwhelmingly there. By the age of 11, I would regularly isolate myself from my family by hiding away in another room for what felt like … Continue reading Childhood Mental Illness – How to See the Signs

Effects of Sexual Assault Are Source of Severe Health Problems

Originally written by Nicole Lane for Medtruth There are 321,500 sexual assault survivors in the United States. An estimated 50 to 90 percent of them develop PTSD. Other health effects of sexual assault that victims face include depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, kidney disease, aneurysms, and diabetes, among other illnesses. Physical Consequences of Sexual Victimhood A recent … Continue reading Effects of Sexual Assault Are Source of Severe Health Problems