WTF is Going on Hair?!

Lets talk about hair. Black hair. Natural black hair typically falls into one of six categories of curly or coily hair types; ranging from 3A to 4C. 3A is the loosest curl pattern, and 4C is the tightest coil pattern. As a black woman, with a 4C hair type, I've peeped many things over the … Continue reading WTF is Going on Hair?!

The Pigmentation of Isolation

Girl friendships should be so sacred. It is so hard to admit you're happy to be a girl, that you like pink, that you like Chipotle, that you might be a little basic. We've been conditioned to abandon what makes us pointedly women, if we dare demand attention for more than our looks. Drop your … Continue reading The Pigmentation of Isolation

All is Fair in Love and Trauma Bonds

Content warning: sexual abuse, physical abuse, self harm, violence I became familiar with the concept of trauma bonds at the age of 8 years old, and they became a reoccurring theme in my life by 20. In my childhood, there was a man in my life who had access to me in the mornings. He … Continue reading All is Fair in Love and Trauma Bonds

Say It Loud: It’s Juneteenth, and I’m Proud!

June is the intersectional month of my dreams. For one, Pride. I still fantasize about the day Facebook will reinstate my pride reacts so that I can emote exclusively in 'gay woman'. Two: Loving day, where the Supreme Court only 52 years ago decided interracial marriage was legal (Fun Fact: Alabama didn't legalize interracial marriage … Continue reading Say It Loud: It’s Juneteenth, and I’m Proud!